The 3Gtms Visibility Platform

Visibility into the logistics flow means systematically interpreting and combining inter-enterprise data from many sources and using workflow automation to react. It’s assessing the past, monitoring/reacting in the present and adjusting for the future.

But visibility has traditionally been very expensive or difficult because:

  • There are different data sources: ERPs, portals, EDI, WMS, etc.
  • There are different languages: Customers talk in orders and POs, carriers send data in shipments and loads, finance needs invoices and vouchers
  • There are different data relationships: Many orders to a shipment; many POs to an invoice; many carriers on a single route
  • Internal systems (ERP, OMS, WMS, Finance) and external parties (3PLs, carriers, vendors, customers)

Data-driven decision making is key in today’s operating environment. The 3Gtms Visibility Platform gives customers the ability to translate and share information from shippers, carriers, mobile applications, financial systems, emails, portals and more, providing a critical piece to control tower initiatives and resulting in clearer insight through 3Gtms’ visibility-driven workflows. It delivers unprecedented enterprise visibility and new opportunities for cost savings, automation and efficiency.

Key Benefits

With the 3Gtms Visibility Platform, shippers and 3PLs have a single point that provides full visibility into the flow of data and the tools to act on the data, giving you:

  • The ability to automate exceptions and respond faster to service disruptions
  • Better carrier management
  • A single, comprehensive view of your total transportation spend
  • Clearer insight through visibility-driven workflows
  • Improved AR/AP capabilities to meet unique requirements, such as AR based on attributes of a customer order rather than the load
  • Improved control and visibility of trading partners with real-time freight information
  • Automatic identification of shipment problems and the ability to notify involved parties in advance
  • The ability to avoid possible disruptions before they happen by gathering, translating and applying analytics
  • Increased efficiencies by location; measure profitability by customer and leverage real-time margin calculations

 The result: A single point that provides full visibility into the flow of data and the tools to act on the data.

The 3Gtms Visibility Platform can put vastly different data types into the same format from which you can take action, including:

  • SOAP and REST transactions
  • EDI
  • API
  • CSV
  • X12
  • Email (automate content into data)
  • Portals (customer, supplier, etc.)
  • Manual data entry

Visibility doesn’t have to be confined to the biggest companies with the biggest budgets. The 3Gtms Visibility Platform solves the challenges of any-size organization by gathering data from internal and external sources, integrating and interpreting that data, and giving customers the power to react faster and smarter.