TMS Implementation & Deployment Options

We give you several options for deploying our modern, Tier 1 TMS.

Software as a Service (Saas) is also referred to as “on-demand software.” SaaS is a software licensing and delivery model where software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted, delivered and managed by 3Gtms.

With SaaS, you’re sharing an environment and database with others; we take care of all hosting needs, maintenance and upgrades. It is traditionally the most inexpensive and fastest way to deploy a TMS because all customers log into the same environment (and we handle all of the upgrades and maintenance).

SaaS can be a very efficient deployment option:

  • Service and support for hardware or internet issues is often faster than other models.
  • No need to coordinate between us and the hosting company in resolving problems – we handle all of it.

Bug resolution or fixing is faster because we have access to the environment, whereas there can be lag time when transferring data
from on-premise TMS systems.

Lost in deployment model jargon? We break it down further in this Logistics Viewpoints article. Read more

Private Cloud
In a private cloud scenario, the TMS is dedicated to a single organization. This type of cloud computing delivers similar advantages to SaaS, but has a dedicated (not shared) environment. The cost for dedicated hardware is a bit more than SaaS, but that gap is narrowing.

Key benefits of a private cloud deployment:

  • Can be spun up very quickly (just a few hours).
  • Customers have the ability to schedule their own upgrades.
  • Easier to advance integration projects, like self-reporting or data warehouse projects.

On Site
For unique situations, the 3Gtms TMS can also be deployed on premise. The system would be hosted by you using the hosting provider
of your choice (or on-premise hardware). You, as the customer, would take on the management and cost of hosting the TMS.

No matter which deployment model you choose, we will help you understand the total cost of ownership for running the software,
along with any third-party needs. With 3Gtms, we give you the freedom to change strategies: for instance, start out with SaaS
and then move to a private cloud.