Transportation Management Software for Carriers

The lines between carriers, 3PLs, and brokers are blurring as customers require a broader scope of services, and many carriers wrestle with deciding when and if to outsource to third-party carriers.

3Gtms is the only TMS software company to anticipate this convergence and provide flexible software that fuels better efficiency, reveals new areas of cost savings, and helps carriers stay nimble in the face of an uncertain future.

3Gtms empowers you to harness more efficiencies, get a clearer view of your fleet and drivers, and operate more profitably.

  • Process automation and self-configuration to better scale your business and expand your operations – without adding headcount
  • Reduce repetitive, manual tasks and free up employees to focus on strategic activities that deliver greater impact to the bottom line
  • The ability to manage combinations of your own fleet and third-party carriers, depending on the client
  • Transportation optimization and routing ensure you are executing with maximum efficiency
  • Share data with brokers by uploading your capacity to 3G-TM for better visibility into your load potential
  • Clearer visibility and detailed reporting options for better load tracking and optimizing efficiencies
  • Simplified document imaging and management, plus quick execution of electronic billing and payments so you can manage financials and get paid faster
  • Intuitive shipment tracking with the elegant and streamlined Quick Ship Portal

Key Capabilities for Carriers

Confidently Make Better Shipping Decisions
Track all associated information and find patterns to streamline everything from on-time delivery to prompt payment, and make better choices going forward.

Flexibility Manage your Fleet and Third-Party Carriers
Our flexible software maximizes profitability by enabling you, as required, to prioritize your own fleet for key clients while supporting your shift to third-party carriers for less strategic clients.

Clearer Insight through Visibility-Driven Workflows
With the 3Gtms Visibility Platform, you can gather data from internal and external sources, and integrate and interpret that data in order to react faster and smarter.

Vendor, Customer and Carrier Portals
Our intuitive portals break down old visibility barriers with your vendors, carriers and customers. These fully configurable and customizable portals enable communication amongst trading partners, including allowing users to input purchase orders, create routing requests and request routing instructions.

Expand with Managed Transportation Services
Leverage our TMS to expand your services and deliver further cost reductions to your customers.

Fast, Well-Defined On-Boarding Procedures
Leverage our TMS to execute well-defined, simple and fast integration among your own customers, including with shipper-client systems like ERP, OMS, WMS and FI.

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